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I am not a videographer, I just play one with my cell phone.
These are collages of photos from my phone during different events. 

This was a great outdoor country wedding at 10 Horse Art Center in Highland, NY.  

The couple was very handson through out the entire planning of their wedding.  

This was such a busy and beautiful day, but I managed to get some good shots.  

Where do I begin?  Fifty years of marriage and still in love.  This event really touched my heart.  I couldn't help but snap photos of the entire event to present to Mr. & Mrs. Zaccardo as my gift to them. 

I wish many anniversaries to them and all my beautiful couples. 

Black Carpet Weddings & Events had a Father's Day Dinner and Fashion Show.  

I had no models so three of my brothers and one of my nephews agreed to model for me.

This was a day all about family and it turned out to be a memorable event. 

They are so cute.  Demaris and Orlando were my tenants and asked if they could have their reception in my back yard.  

It was simple, small and all about family which I love.  

I put these photos and video snips together for them and presented it to them in a CD as a wedding gift.  

They loved it. 

Big weddings are wonderful, but this is really what is it all about. 

Not sure how to explain this one.  

This was taken during an annual Atlantic City bus ride.

I have been joining my friends on this bus ride for many many years. 

When I try to describe the fun to others,  it's undiscribleable so I decided to make this video. 

This is my darling Loyalty who loves to cook.  

We started to put together these videos for her just for fun. 

This was her making french toast.

Here is Loyatly baking cookies.

This is me  some years ago when I cut my hair and decided to grow locs.

They eventually grow to my shoulders blades before I cut them off to start the journey again.    

I love this video. 

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